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Composite Doors for Individual Style.

A choice of different styles and many colours enables you to design front, back or side composite doors that are personal to your home. From classic to contemporary, intriguing to bold, a wide range of options means you have the freedom to choose a style that is right for you.

The right door transforms a house and provides the finishing touch to your home. Use your door to reflect the style that you want your home to convey and every time you come home you can feel pride that you designed your door!

Cardiff, Newport, Penarth, Barry, Rhondda and all of the Vale of Glamorgan boasts some beautiful homes so make it a Solidor to compliment your home!

If you are looking for secure, stylish composite doors in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Cowbridge and the Vale and anywhere in South East Wales then look no further than Heath Windows for the highest specification composite doors on the market. Depending on budget and personal choice, we have a wide range of composite doors made with different materials. We have several displays of composite doors in our newly refurbished showroom.

Your front door is the most commonly used door within your home. It has to be tough enough to withstand battering by inclement weather, being bashed by the pushchair, slammed by the children and always without fail, manages to get scraped when you carry large objects in.

Despite the importance of a front door for kerb appeal and security, it's often the last thing on the list when homeowners think about home improvements.

A new front door can not only improve the appearance of your home, but it can also help to reduce energy bills and coming home all the more simple and enjoyable. It's actually one of the cheapest things you can do for maximum benefit.

We offer a choice of gold, silver or white handles, letterboxes and door knockers all made from stainless steel. This not only means that they match perfectly but give you ultra long-life and trouble-free performance for up to 25 years. Our composite doors do not fade with time. Doors can also be fitted with a spyhole, integrated within the knocker giving you the peace of mind of seeing who your visitors are before opening your door.


Design your own door.

heath design your own door

Our range of Composite Doors utilises all the advantages of modern, state of the art technology and materials. All the style of natural wood but without the maintenance. All you need to do with a composite door is wipe it down with a damp cloth and shine your door furniture and glass with whatever you normally use. Explore our range of doors by clicking on the circles below. We've partnered with the manufacturers that we know to be reliable, with great quality products and excellent service.

Solidor Composite Doors.

Solidors range of Timber Composite Doors have the appearance of traditional timber but with the benefit of modern technology. They are widely admired with high performance and undeniable style with a wide range of accessory choices and colours.

Residor Composite Doors.

Residor Composite Doors are the most secure GRP Composite Doors on the market. With a wide range of colour and glass options available, each door range is fully customisable to any home.




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