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Solidor Doors - Premium Construction and the Most Secure Locking System. 

The most durable, highly secure, timber core composite door on the market. An extensive range is available to view in our newly refurbished Cardiff showroom.

Traditional Collection.

The Traditional Range of Solidor Doors brings classic styles into the modern era. Each beautifully crafted door style is suited to both traditional and modern properties alike. 

Contemporary Collection.

The Contemporary Range of Solidor doors is a new and exclusive collection of ultra-sleek composite doors. Unique designs  and clean lines add a feel of real modern luxury to your home. Stand out from your neighbours with a door that is different.

Italia Collection.

The Italia Collection of Solidor doors is the most luxurious range of composite doors in the UK market today. These designs have been inspired by the Italian passion for design and style.

Styling Features.

• 23 colours inside & out.

• Unique 48mm solid core.

• Exclusive door furniture.

• The most secure locking system.

• Chamfered or sculptured frames.

• PAS24: 2016 Certified.

• Ultion Cylinder fitted as Standard.

• Exceeds Building Regulations for Thermal efficiency



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Design your own door.

Use our clever Solidor door designer to help you think about the many variations of style and colours. Click on the image below to be taken to the designer where you can choose style, colour and accessories. Once you've done that, just pop your details into the form and we will provide a quote. Of course, this doesn't replace our excellent consultation service. We are more than happy to visit and advise. Alternatively, you may prefer to come into our showroom where you can see full-size Solidor doors before making your choice.

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Your Solidor door becomes your own unique design when you choose from our fine selection of beautiful accessories. The range includes an array of elegantly styled and finished hinges, handles, letter plates and door knockers. Whether your house in modern or traditional, we will help you to choose door furniture to enhance your door and your home. 


All of our stunning composite Solidor door designs can be produced as the single door that you would normally expect. What surprises customers though, is how good these doors look when styled as a French door set. Most customers think that they have to fill a large space with a door in the middle and the glass panels outside but ask your designer to show you how the space would look as French doors. We may surprise you.

You can also choose to have a Solidor door as a stable door. Some of our customers have found this useful when they have limited opening windows and want the additional airflow. This can also be a useful way to keep young children and dogs safe, allowing you to open the top part to take packages or talk to unexpected callers.

There’s also the option to include matching side panels with your chosen Solidor door.


Solidor have kept up to date with trends and maintained the traditional favourites. These combine to produce a fantastic range of vibrant colours for Solidor doors that distinguish them from other composite doors. Over the years, Solidor have engineered a stunning array of finishes, currently boasting 23 colourways that can be one each individual door design internally and externally. Choose a single finish for your favourite Solidor or mix and match by choosing two complementary colours.

Solid timber core.

All of our composite Solidor doors are based on a proven 48mm design. This is 10% thicker than Solidors nearest competitors and offers increased protection. The added thickness of a Solidor door because it is manufactured from a solid timber core, which helps make it the most durable composite door on the market. Composite doors can initially look the same but cheaper doors are often filled with foam, offering very little resistance to intruders.

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Ultion Locks as Standard.

Solidor Doors were already secure but now are even better thanks to Ultion locks. Solidor doors are fitted with Ultion locks as standard. Read more about Ultion locks.

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