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Create Your Own Personal Style

A choice of different styles and many colours enables you to design a composite front or back door that is personal to your home here in Cardiff and surrounding areas. From classic to contemporary, intriguing to bold, a wide-range of options means you have the freedom to choose a style that is right for you. The right door transforms a house and provides the finishing touch to your home. Use your door to reflect the style that you want your home to convey and every time you come home you can feel pride that you designed your door! Cardiff, Newport, Penarth, Barry, Rhondda and all of the Vale of Glamorgan boasts some beautiful homes so make it a Solidor to compliment your home!



Wide Choice Of Hardware

We offer a choice of gold, silver or white handles, letterboxes and door knockers all made from stainless steel. This not only means that they match perfectly, but give you ultra long-life and trouble-free performance for up to 25 years, so your door’s looks will not fade in time. Doors can also be fitted with a spyhole, integrated within the knocker giving you the peace of mind of seeing who your visitors are before opening your door.


Design your own door

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