Composite Doors explained! - Heath Windows & Doors

Traditional choices for doors meant they were made from only one material such as wood or metal. However, modern technology gives us the choice of a combination of materials for stronger and more secure doors. Composite doors are of superior quality and yet have complete aesthetic appeal to match your home decor and lifestyle.


The core of composite doors is made of wood and insulating materials protected by other layers with an outer layer made of weather resistant material. The different materials are glued together under high pressure. Composite doors are usually thicker compared to other types of doors.

Because they are made from a combination of materials, composite doors are extremely durable, strong and great looking.

Strong & Durable

The most important characteristics you look for in a door are strength and durability. Composite doors are long lasting. With a combination of materials, you are assured of a strong and sturdy door to protect your home when you choose a composite door.


The main reason why we need doors is for the security they provide to our homes. When you think security, composite doors are the only thing that you need for your home. Composite doors are thicker as compared to doors made from other materials including wood, plastic or even PVC for that matter.

Minimum Maintenance

Along with the handles, door knockers, hinges and moving parts, composite doors require minimal maintenance. Easy to take care of and use, composite doors are very popular in Cardiff.

Weather Resistant

Be it the extreme summers or the harsh winters, nothing beats the weather resistance of composite doors.

Create Your Own Style

Need a designer door that matches your home decor? Want a door that makes a style statement and is the talk of the town? Choose your customised composite door from our wide range of doors in size, colour and design.

Handles, Knockers and More

Choose from our classic range of door handles in gold, silver and white colours. Add a stainless steel letterbox and an appealing door knocker to complete the look.

Need a spy-hole for your door knocker? We can fit that into your composite door too. Talk to our design team for your dream door today.

When you are looking to buy the composite doors in Cardiff, look no further than Heath Windows. Tell us what you want and our design team can get it done for you.