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Employment Gets the Best Results

Companies that subcontract their work are extremely common, but it’s rare to find a team that fully employs their staff. In the window and door industry, great results come from employment. People who are employed are retained longer with the same company, are less rushed, and make fewer mistakes.

Retention Counts

Developing expertise takes time. Our staff can stay with us for extra training because we employ them. Subcontractors, on the other hand, don’t necessarily get the training they need to become an expert window and door installer.

Great windows and doors take some expertise to install. Not only does quality count on simpler windows and doors, but many people looking to replace their windows and doors are looking for an upgrade.

The complexity varies per project, but fancier windows and doors take a good deal more expertise to install. That’s one reason we retain people longer at Heath Windows. Not only do we have fabulous product selection, we actually have the staff to install them!

More Time for Better Results

As with most things, if you want a better product, you’ve got to take more time putting it in and making it. The quality of the installation often depends on taking the amount of time truly necessary to do it. If you want an amazing seal and perfect caulking, you’ve got to slow down and do it right!

Fewer Mistakes by Employees

Because our employees are trained well and take time out to do the job right, they make fewer mistakes. As they say, practice makes perfect! Our employees have some installation experience and training under their belts in order to reduce mistakes. The quality shows in their work, and fewer mistakes equals better practice. Slowing down is a win-win for everyone.

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