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We are passionate about home improvements and particularly about windows and doors.

We see windows and doors as more than something that opens and closes to let you or the light in and out. We see them as extensions of your personality and an expression of the way that you like to live. We love getting to know our customers and the reasons why they choose particular windows and doors. Do you choose a brightly coloured door or will you fall back to a safe neutral position when you come to the final choice? Will you change from the existing colour and arrangement or will you make a radical change.

These journeys fascinate us and we are here to help make that journey exciting for you. A major purchase for your home should be exciting and give you pleasure for many years to come. Our news pages help to give you some insight to our personality and help you think more about the choices you make.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Miall and the team at Heath Windows and Doors.


If you’re thinking of improving your home with double glazing windows then you’ve come to the right place. Whatever your reason; whether you’re looking to add value to your property, maximise energy efficiency or improve thermal insulation, one goal remains the same: to use a reputable company. Why? Find out here:

Choose a Name You Can Trust

This may sound fairly obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people search on Google for double glazing suppliers and click on the first one they lay their eyes on. Whilst this may be the easiest way to find a company that offers double glazing services, you have no idea whether they’re good or bad installers.

When it comes to choosing a double glazing installer, you don’t just want any Tom, Dick or Harry to do the job. Why? Well, it’s important to ensure that double glazing is properly installed to a professional standard to avoid the risk of ill-fitted windows.

Windows that have been carelessly installed offer little to no benefit, and the whole point of opting for double glazing is to embrace the many benefits that come hand in hand! Here at Heath Windows, we’ll give you a few tips on how you can pick a reputable double glazing installer who will do a brilliant job.

5442934 origWhether you’re looking to sell your property soon or you are simply very house proud, making your home look warm and inviting should be at the top of your to-do list. But with so many design ideas out there, where do you start?

Here are a few top tips on how to give your home real curb appeal:



The Difference Between Bi-Fold Doors and French Doors.

Are you considering having either French or bi-fold doors installed but you’re not quite sure which way to go? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here we can help you decide which doors are best for you and your home by letting you in on the pros and cons of each.

French and bi-fold doors are the two most common styles of UPVC external doors, but which style is for you? Take a look at the pros and cons of each, which will hopefully help with the decision making!

Both have the potential to add value to your home or make it more appealing to would-be buyers. Both also are an improvement over windows or the old style sliding doors, especially if they open up the view or let more light in. It isn't so much that one is better than the other. It's more that they are each better suited to particular spaces. Your choice may also depend on price and convenience.

Patio Doors v bi-fold doors

Bi-fold Doors.

The benefits of bi-fold doors.

First of all, they are functional when you want to make the most of the space.

These doors slide to open and close. This type of mechanism works wonders if you have furniture positioned close to the doors. The doors don’t take up any additional space inside a room or outside on the patio. You can use the space right up close to the doors. The bi-fold doors won’t knock a sofa or a bookcase when it opens because it takes up less space as you slide it open on the runners..

This means you won’t run the risk of making marks or scratching the paint from furniture because bi-fold doors cannot be flung open in the same way that normal doors can be. They can also be fully opened on nice days.

Contemporary Style.

If you happen to have a home that’s modern, bi-fold doors really complete the look. These doors offer both style and elegance which are ideal qualities for a home that flaunts a state of the art look.

Offer Security.

Bi-folding doors have multipoint locking systems, so as long as you remember to engage the lock, these doors are super secure.


They are not really practical for small widths. To benefit from Bifold doors, you really want to be able to fully open a whole wall when the weather calls for it.

The open and close mechanism means that if you don't want the whole wall of doors open, you will be left with a single door opening. With French doors, you can open the double doors. If you’re hosting a large garden party, you will want to do so on a day when you can open them right up or they will be left going in and out of a single door.

Wall to wall bi-fold doors can leave limited space for curtains if you want to maximise light. We can consider how you will dress the windows when we decide with you how the doors will be installed.

If you are replacing a smaller system such as a window or french doors, it may be necessary to install a new lintel and remove some brickwork. This may impact your flooring so take this into account too. Building work will add to the cost. We are happy to advise and give costs for both options. Find out more about aluminium bi-fold doors here.

Benefits over Sliding Doors.

Sliding doors are great for not taking up space but are a nuisance that you can only open one side and to do that usually means going behind the curtains. Kids and dogs running in and out often cause damage to curtains as .

If your home is older or has a more classic design, sliding patios doors may not work in your home. Why? Well, these doors offer a more modern look and therefore could look out of place in a home that has a more rustic or vintage feel to it.

French Doors.

Benefits of French Doors.

French doors are not only a stunning design feature but a functional addition to your home too.

Everyone strives to have a home that looks good, and by installing UPVC French patio doors, you’re automatically increasing the general appeal to your property. Now, whilst you may not be thinking of selling up any time soon, a home that flaunts high-class appeal is admired by friends, family and neighbours! The look of a pair of doors with window panes and a window sill either side, framed by curtains is very popular with those who like a traditional look.

The Downside.

Floor Space is Required to allow for the doors to swing open. You can choose where your space is best used so if you are opening on to a patio or into a conservatory, you can choose to have inward opening doors if the space outside is of more value to you.

If you don’t have a vast amount of floor space then French patio doors aren’t for you. Yes, they may be beautiful but they’re just not practical if you don’t have the room to open doors outwards.


French doors are usually more expensive than bi-fold doors but this can depend on whether extra building work is needed. If you are on a budget, you could consider sliding UPVC patio doors.

Both styles look beautiful in any home but it all depends on your personal preference! Read more about French Doors.

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Here at Heath Windows, we have a range of quality patio doors that are secure and stylish. Call us on 02920 650 854 today and we’ll help you find the right door for you.

Have you been toying with the idea of having patio doors installed? Well, with summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to introduce a wonderful feature into your home. Here you can learn four fantastic benefits of patio doors.

So, you know how energy efficient windows work thanks to this blog post, but have you ever thought, “How much will energy efficient windows save me?” Here you can learn roughly how many pounds you can save a year by installing these windows into your home.

You may have heard about energy efficient windows, but do you know how they work? It’s all very well for you to want to have energy efficient windows in your home because so-and-so down the road has them. However, if you don’t know what good they can do, you can’t really justify changing them, can you?

When deciding on a front door for your home, you will have no doubt considered a traditional wooden door or an ever popular UPVC door, but have you ever pondered the idea of a composite door? Read on to learn all about a composite door including what it is and why it’s a top choice for a front door.

What is a Composite Door?

A composite door is the newest addition to the door family, which is why many of you may not have heard of this option before. However, it’s not one to be overlooked; a composite door offers a wealth of benefits that other doors do not have.

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