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We are passionate about home improvements and particularly about windows and doors.

We see windows and doors as more than something that opens and closes to let you or the light in and out. We see them as extensions of your personality and an expression of the way that you like to live. We love getting to know our customers and the reasons why they choose particular windows and doors. Do you choose a brightly coloured door or will you fall back to a safe neutral position when you come to the final choice? Will you change from the existing colour and arrangement or will you make a radical change.

These journeys fascinate us and we are here to help make that journey exciting for you. A major purchase for your home should be exciting and give you pleasure for many years to come. Our news pages help to give you some insight to our personality and help you think more about the choices you make.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Miall and the team at Heath Windows and Doors.


The Best Showroom for Windows and Doors in Cardiff and South Wales.

When you search for windows and doors in Cardiff, look no further than Heath Windows & Doors Ltd. We are a family business with a stellar reputation for high-quality products and superb customer service. We are the winners of the prestigious Cardiff Business Awards for 2018.

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing your windows and doors so we go the extra mile to ensure that you are happy with your purchase and that the whole experience is a pleasure.

Below you will find 5 solid reasons why we are the perfect choice logically for windows and doors in Cardiff but let's also look at why you will love dealing with us.

We've worked hard to build this business and our passion and pride shine through in everything we do. Our reviews on Google, Facebook and AllChecked demonstrate the quality of our work. Our reviews don't just come from the products we supply. Our business is about people and making our customers happy. Right from the start, you will find us helpful and friendly. Whether you visit our showroom or we come to you first, you'll be greeted warmly. We care about the products you choose and will give you expert advice that is right for you.

You will never be put under pressure to sign with us. Our customers choose us without gimmicks and false discounts because they have confidence in us and our products.

We fully employ our fitters which is unusual for the windows and doors industry. Experience has shown us that as a business, we have more control over standards and procedures when you employ labour rather than use sub-contractors. Quality is what is important to us, not saving a few quid by using cheaper labour. Our installers and surveyors take pride in their work and being part of one of the most respected windows and doors companies in Wales.

We're a small business at the heart of Cardiff and part of its community. Miall Hardwick is the Director of the business and works 'on the ground floor' with his team. You will always be able to speak to a real human being without having to wait on hold for hours.

We like to say that we don't just sell windows and doors - We sell happiness.

Apart from happiness being a good reason to buy from us, here are 5 logical reasons to choose Heath Windows and Doors Cardiff.

1. A wide range of windows and doors to choose from.

At Heath, we offer you a variety of options in terms of design, sizes and colours. Whether you are looking for a traditional design to complement your Victorian architecture or a trendy setup to match your modern apartment, we have a selection to match every need!

Our range of UPVC windows includes tilt and turn windows, vertical sliders, casements and more. Our door range includes double-glazing doors, bi-folding doors, patio and French doors, front doors made of composite and PVCU material as well as back doors.
If you are looking for authentic wood-effect windows, our UPVC range is an exceptional choice! We also offer a range of bespoke colours on request.

Secure doorThe Best Way to Prevent Burglary is to Make Sure Your Doors and Windows are Secure.

Crime is on the increase with the return to relative normal. While we may have been concerned about COVID we've been able to feel safer, with burglars also being on 'lockdown'. Now, according to the UK Crime Stats Website, burglary is increasing again. While Cardiff is a safe place to live, it remains for the homeowner to be vigilant. Ensuring that your doors and windows do not offer the opportunistic burglar an easy way in is the first thing to check.

Secure doors are important when it comes to protecting your home. After all, it’s the first way an intruder will try to enter your home. Find out how secure your doors are here. If your doors have the following features then you’re actively reducing your risk of burglary:

1. A Deadbolt Lock

This is a must-have for any front door. However, don’t buy the cheapest one you can get hold of. It’s worth spending more money on a high-quality lock, with a throw bolt that’s at least an inch long. Deadbolt locks of a lower quality tend to have throw bolts that are less than an inch. So, if your door has one of these locks already, check to see if the measurement of the throw bolt is correct; it will need to be replaced if it’s not.

2. Secured Door Hinges

The hinges of your door can offer intruders an easy way in to your home if they are not secured properly. Ensure that there’s a setscrew in the hinge, as well as fast-riveted pins and safety studs in place, to stop the hinge pin from being removed and the door from being lifted up and off. So, make sure all door hinges are sturdy and secure, including the ones on your shed!

3. A Door Chain or Limiter

Both of these options provide you with added protection. How? Well, firstly, they’re able to prevent intruders from being able to easily gain access into your home. These door-controlling mechanisms give you the opportunity to open the door ever so slightly before anyone, such as a stranger, at the door can force their way into your home.

4. A Spy Hole

This enables you to see who is at the door without having to open the door at all. A spy hole is a security accessory that once you have installed you’ll wonder how you lived without one! With a spy hole, you have the privilege of seeing who is at the door but they can’t see you. The beauty of this essential security measure is that you can make a more informed decision about answering the door by being able to visually identify the person.

5. Laminated Glass Panels

If your front door features a glass design, make sure it’s made of laminated glass. Laminated glass is much more difficult to break so it’ll give burglars a tougher time trying to break in. The last thing burglars want is to get caught so if they attempt a break-in and it’s too hard, they won’t stick around.

Be sure to replace glass panels with laminated glass or, alternatively, purchase a special film to stick on over the glass.

If you’re worried your front door isn’t secure enough and it is insecure by nature of it being an old door anyway, it may be worth replacing it altogether. Be sure to take a look at our range of doors that not only provide the highest standard of security, they offer an attractive looking front entrance. Give us a call on 02920 650 854 or pop in and see us. We’ll happily help you to explore the options without obligation.

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Things To Consider When Replacing Windows

Good windows will last a long time, but eventually all windows need replacing. You might be investing in a fixer-upper, renovating the old family home, or making eco-friendly updates when you realize that you need new windows.

Luckily, there are tons of beautiful choices out there. In either wood or vinyl, selections in every type of glass imaginable allow you to completely change the interior and exterior of your home. A new window breathes new life into every building that gets one.

Here are some things you should know about replacing windows.

New windows are a wonderful luxury. They keep your house warm, generally look beautiful, and can help the house stay cleaner. They are an investment, but that doesn’t mean that you have to overspend.

Take a look at these five mistakes people make when buying windows. By planning better, you can stretch your investment further.

Spending the Wrong Amount

The right amount is what will truly save you energy £££'s during the life of the window. Old windows are drafty, leaky, and foggy. They let your precious heat spill right out the siding! Often, they collect dew or frost as well.

Five Reasons to Get Patio Doors This Summer

Patio doors bring in natural light and promote easy access to the back garden. They can provide an added layer of security if you pick the right one and they add a touch of character to your home. If you’re wondering if we have the patio door set for you, just come on in to our showroom! We have all kinds of options.

In this post, we look at five reasons to get patio doors this summer.

Let in the Light

Probably the biggest reason to get patio doors is to let in light. The large amount of glass is a nice decorative element but it’s also important for getting light into your home. Most people have patios attached near their kitchen or dining room and letting light into those areas is so important!

Employment Gets the Best Results

Companies that subcontract their work are extremely common, but it’s rare to find a team that fully employs their staff. In the window and door industry, great results come from employment. People who are employed are retained longer with the same company, are less rushed, and make fewer mistakes.

Retention Counts

Developing expertise takes time. Our staff can stay with us for extra training because we employ them. Subcontractors, on the other hand, don’t necessarily get the training they need to become an expert window and door installer.

Great windows and doors take some expertise to install. Not only does quality count on simpler windows and doors, but many people looking to replace their windows and doors are looking for an upgrade.

Not all showrooms are created equal. And not all showrooms have a curated selection after 30 years in business! Come visit us in South Wales to see all the beautiful quality products our family has to offer.

Design Your Door With Us

Unlike many other shops, our installations aren’t just cookie-cutter. We help with the design factor to make your front door as unique as your home. Bring your sketches and become inspired as you look through our products and photos.

We will bring your vision to life with over 30 years of experience and Allchecked installers.

After 30 years of excellence in the window and door installation business, we know a thing or two. Mostly, we know that people put a premium on quality. We are a family-owned and operated business.

We don’t outsource installation per piece like so many other shops in the area. We have amazing aftercare from our business years after installation. Here are the top reasons why we are a great choice when you’re looking to buy doors and windows for your home:

We Have the Experience to Do the Job Right

Our team tackles even the most difficult installations with confidence. Our employees are Allchecked installers who are qualified for the most complex window and door installations.

Heath Doors and Windows is a family business with over 30 years of industry experience.  We install doors and windows across Cardiff and South Wales.

We believe that doors and windows are an important part of your home and that they must be energy efficient, made of quality materials and should suit the style of your building.

Here are some reasons why our customers choose us for windows and doors in Cardiff.

Quality products

All our products are top of the range. Our workmanship is second to none and you can feel this in every product we offer. No matter your requirement or the size of your order, we assure you of high quality solutions.

When it comes to buying doors and windows for your home, you are spoilt for choice. You might even be tempted to order online. However, this convenience comes at a huge cost to you. The most common problem with shopping online is that customers do not receive what they want or what they thought they were buying.

Here at Heath Windows and Doors Cardiff, we take great pride in the quality of our products and our stellar customer service. Our showroom showcases our impressive range of solutions including double glazing windows, UPVC windows, UPVC doors, aluminium doors and more.

Here are some reasons why you should visit our Cardiff showroom before you make a decision.